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  • Why take your Dog to Daycare?
    Exercise and socialization are key components to a stable, healthy, well-rounded dog. We provide both socialization and safe supervised exercise so your dog can enjoy a day of play. Life is busy and dog daycare gives you a break during a hectic week and a well earned treat for your dog. Not to mention we are a great guilt relief service where you know your dog is getting proper care and will go home tired!
  • How do I enroll my dog in for dog daycare at Fetch Canine?
    Your first step is to book an appointment for a daycare assessment throughout our appointment system. We will gather some information regarding your dog at this time. When you arrive for your scheduled appointment, you will be greeted by one of our staff and the Meet & Greet is conducted on-site by one of our trained professionals. It includes the following steps: It begins with an overview of paperwork, history, and health with the pet parent Once complete, your pup joins our team member in an evaluation room to observe how they react when away from their dog mom or dog dad During the evaluation, we conduct a nose to tail assessment to identify sensitivities in touch that your dog may have. If a dog is sensitive to touch in one area, this is not necessarily an issue, but it is important for their comfort that our team is aware of it We then bring a few additional dogs into the controlled mini play area one at a time to assess your pup’s comfort level. Our team member observes how they interact with the other dogs to assess their comfort with an open play environment Our team member will then share what they learned with the pet parent. If for some reason the dog is not yet ready for open play, we will recommend steps the pet parent can take to help address the observed concern(s). Any dog that is not yet comfortable is always welcome back once they are ready to join the playroom.
  • What is the benefit of bringing my dog to Fetch Canine dog daycare?
    Daycare provides your dog with socialization and playtime with both other canines and humans. It also provides physical, intellectual, and emotional stimulation and contentment. At Fetch Canine daycare, it also allows your dog to be able to get outside in our large back area, throughout the day, to play and/or relax in the sunshine and/or snow. It also gives your beloved pooch that much needed pee and poop time. Lastly and most importantly, it provides your dog with human love and attention by our staff when you are away.
  • Are there any breeds you don’t allow?
    We do not accept any breed banned by legislation.
  • Does my dog need to be spay/neutered?
    Male dogs need to be neutered by 7 months to atted daycare. We will not accept male dogs that are intact after they are 7 months old. Females who are not spay are not permitted to attend during heat cycle and must take an appropriate break (as per vet recommendation) once the heat cycle is complete.
  • Does my puppy/dog have to have updated vaccinations for Fetch Canine daycare?
    Yes. Adult dogs must have all update to date vaccinations for Parvo-distemper, rabies, and kennel cough. Puppies must have at least their second round of vaccinations including kennel cough, with vet appointments to have vaccinations for third round and rabies.
  • What is Kennel Cough?
    Kennel Cough is a highly contagious respiratory infection in dogs that is similar to the human cold. This virus causes inflammation in the lining of the upper airway and symptoms include a dry spastic cough, runny nose or eyes, and in some cases a slight temperature. These symptoms can last from a few days to a few weeks. Kennel Cough can be passed around anywhere dogs come into contact with each other. This virus is air borne and thus it is very easily spread. This virus takes between five to ten days to incubate, so infected dogs can pass the virus onto other dogs even showing symptoms. Bordetella vaccination is approximately 70% effective, due to the many strains of the virus. Although we clean our facilities thoroughly each day with products designed to eliminate this virus, we regret that we cannot 100% guarantee that your pet will not contract "Kennel Cough". Once a dog is showing signs of Kennel Cough, they cannot return to daycare until they are no longer showing symptoms, and have been symtom free for 8 days.
  • Do you have a small dog play area?
    Yes, we do! Small dogs have an area fenced off and exclusively dedicated to them.
  • How are dogs grouped together?
    We separate dogs according to size and play style.
  • Do all dogs benefit from attending daycare?
    No. Unfortunately for dogs who are timid and anxious, daycare can be overwhelming and stressful causing them to become ‘distressed’ (Panting, drooling, shaking, hiding in corners, nipping at dogs that come near them, etc). There are dogs with severe separation anxiety when left at daycare, causing them ‘distress’ (Chronic Howling, incessant barking, high pitch sounds, pacing, not playing with other dogs, constantly scratching at door to be let out of daycare, chewing apart furniture, walls, and door frames, etc). Other dogs can have an energy that is too uncontrollable, causing other dogs to fight with them. Some dogs are reactive or aggressive. Attending daycare can cause these dogs, the other dogs, and staff, unnecessary harm. There are many different reasons why a dog may not benefit from being in a daycare. At Fetch Canine, all dogs have to complete a daycare assessment, to ensure that they are emotionally and physically happy to be in daycare.
  • Do the dogs fight?
    Dogs get along remarkably well. Dogs are very social creatures and, generally, enjoy other dogs and people. However, dogs are animals and do occasionally get into fights, even dogs that normally play together very well. Our staff is very alert and trained for that possibility and will generally stop a disagreement before it gets to the fight stage.
  • Do any of the dogs ever get hurt?
    Dogs are animals, and, therefore, not completely predictable. On occasion, there can be an injury, most often the result of rough play. This is a little more difficult to monitor because we want them to play and have fun, at Fetch Canine we monitor the play and make changes to the situation or environment if it looks like a dog is getting over stimulated.
  • What Boarding options are available?
    We offer overnight, weekend and extended stay.
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